10 Top Hotels in Malaga Spain

Whether you’re going for a city trip or holiday to Malaga, with these 10 Top Hotels in Malaga However, here are some well-known hotels in Malaga that you can consider researching. It is advisable to check the current prices, availability and reviews before making a decision:

  1. Hotel Molina Lario: Centrally located in the old town, close to attractions such as the Picasso Museum. Advantage: Central location. Disadvantage: Possibly higher prices.
  2. AC Hotel Malaga Palacio: A luxury hotel overlooking the port and Gibralfaro Castle. Advantage: View and luxury amenities. Disadvantage: Pricey.
  3. Barcelo Malaga: Located near Malaga train station, modern rooms and good access to public transport. Advantage: Easy access to transport. Disadvantage: Train noises can be a nuisance.
  4. Vincci Seleccion Posada del Patio: Close to the city center, with a rooftop pool and terrace. Advantage: Terrace and swimming pool. Disadvantage: Limited parking.
  5. Room Mate Larios: Right in the heart of the city, with a modern design and a lively atmosphere. Advantage: Central location. Disadvantage: Less quiet area.
  6. Hotel ILUNION Malaga: Close to the beach and marina, a comfortable hotel with modern amenities. Advantage: Close to the beach. Disadvantage: Not in the city center.
  7. Malaga Picasso Hotel: Located in the old town, near Malaga Cathedral. Advantage: Historic surroundings. Disadvantage: Possibly smaller rooms.
  8. Salles Hotel Malaga Centro: In the city centre, close to shops and restaurants. Advantage: Close to shops. Disadvantage: Parking may be limited.
  9. Hotel Sercotel Málaga: Within walking distance of the beach, with comfortable rooms and good value for money. Advantage: Close to the beach. Disadvantage: Not in the city center.
  10. Hotel Guadalmedina: On the banks of the Guadalmedina River, near shops and restaurants. Advantage: River view. Disadvantage: A little further from the beach.

It is important to consider your own preferences and budget when choosing a hotel. Read reviews from other guests to understand their experiences and compare amenities, locations and prices before making a decision.

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