B&B in Malaga Centre with Dutch or Belgian Owner

Searching for a B&B in Malaga? Spending the night in a B&B is slightly different from a hotel. We have a number of suggestions for you for atmospheric B&B’s in Malaga.

First of all, a number of questions about your wishes. Are you looking for a B&B Malaga with a Dutch owner or Belgians? A B&B in Málaga center, a B&B Málaga with swimming pool? In line with your wishes, there is always a good B&B to be found in Malaga.

B&B Full of Love, Mount Joy

Mount Joy Malaga is the most famous B&B of Malaga because of the TV program B&B full of love. Because Mount Joy is less than half an hour outside Malaga, it is beautiful but not ideal for a city trip to Malaga. Here are some other options for B&B’s in Malaga.

10 Malaga B&Bs

It’s important to compare availability, prices, amenities and locations before choosing a B&B. Read other guests’ reviews to get an idea of their experiences. Also take into account the location of the B&B and the proximity to sights and public transport to make your stay in Malaga as pleasant as possible.

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