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The latest News from Malaga Today and the Away Agenda

Exhibition “Picasso Sculptor. Matter and Body”

5 MAY 2023 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2023

The body as an instrument of representation is the basis of the first major exhibition in Spain dedicated to Picasso’s sculpture. Conceived by the first director of the Picasso Museum in Malaga.

Dialogues with Picasso, Collection 2020-2023
1 JUNE 2021 – 31 DECEMBER 2023

The Dialogues with Picasso collection is designed to offer visitors a unique and inspiring experience in which they can admire the life and work of the celebrated painter, sculptor and designer.

Malaga Fair 2023

12 AUGUST 2023 – 19 AUGUST 2023

The August market of Malaga is one of the most important festivals held in the Andalusian city. This fair takes place a week in August and is known for its popular festivals, are.

Exhibition “Remembrance of the streets”

11 JULY 2023 – 24 SEPTEMBER 2023

The Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga presents ‘Memory of the Streets’: a trip to Barcelona in the 30s and 40s based on more than forty photographs by Margaret Michaelis.

The English nights

7 JULY 2023 – 17 SEPTEMBER 2023

The English Nights combine decorative lighting and a full cultural agenda in a historic enclave of great tourist interest: the English Cemetery in Malaga. Because the cemetery is not…

Exhibition “The ages of Pablo”

21 JUNE 2023 – 1 OCTOBER 2023

This exhibition is part of the international programme of events commemorating the 50th anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s death (1973-2023). This exhibition, with works from the Museo.

Music cycle “Lyrical season XXXV”

29 SEPTEMBER 2023 – 26 MAY 2024

Carlos Álvarez, Ainhoa Arteta and Ismael Jordi return to the lyrical season of the Cervantes Theater in Malaga in a thirty-fifth edition that will be articulated by the staging.

Exhibition “Wildflowers” Jorge Galindo

16 JUNE 2023 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2023

The CAC Málaga presents “Wild Flowers”, a major exhibition by the artist Jorge Galindo (1965, Madrid), one of the greatest exponents of contemporary painting, curated by Fernando.

Exhibition “Crossed glances”

15 JUNE 2023 – 31 DECEMBER 2023

Walter Benjamin was one of the first to ‘imagine’ the city and create a new dialectic between past and present, between memory and reality. Then the figure of the walker-witness is born.

Exhibition “The echo of Picasso”

3 OCTOBER 2023 – 24 MARCH 2024

Pablo Picasso had a great influence on the art of the 20th century and worked in different styles. Besides Cubism, his most important contribution to modern art is freedom.

singular 2023

3 OCT 2023 – 28 OCT 2023

S!ngulares explores the different nuances and hybridizations of the new folk created in our country with Rodrigo Cuevas, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Valeria Castro and María Peláe from Malaga in an edition.

Exhibition “Thinking in a loop. Boris Groys”

7 JUNE 2023 – 31 DECEMBER 2023

Video is undoubtedly the medium of media today: sophisticated or domestic, from professionals on CNN or MTV to amateurs on YouTube, Instagram or Tik-Tok, videos are produced.

Sabbath Festival

1 JUNE 2023 – 24 SEPTEMBER 2023

“SABATIC FEST” is a festival that takes place throughout the summer from June 1 to September 24 at Autocine Málaga Cesur FP. It brings gastronomy, art and music together in the same space.

Exhibition “The image of Picasso”

18 OCTOBER 2023 – 3 MARCH 2024

This exhibition is part of the international programme of events commemorating the 50th anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s death (1973-2023). Picasso is Malaga’s most famous artist.

Exhibition “Devan Shimoyama: Tell Me”

26 MAY 2023 – 27 AUGUST 2023

All of the works in Devan Shimoyama’s “Tell Me” exhibition belong to the Tarot series, in which Shimoyama reinterprets some of the traditional tarot cards.

Exhibition “Sheila Hilks. Wires that travel”

24 MAY 2023 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2023

The exhibition ‘Sheila Hicks. Travelling threads’ by the Paris-based American artist is on view at the Centre Pompidou Málaga until 10 September.

Semi-permanent exhibition “Sea of Malaga”

26 OCT 2023 – 26 NOV 2023

Mar de Málagas reflects on the past, present and future of the city and its inhabitants, art and literature, heritage and symbolic stories. The exhibition shows the looks.

Temporary exhibition “Heritage to scale”

17 MAY 2023 – 27 AUGUST 2023

The exhibition “Heritage to scale” presents a selection of works by the Manchego artist Fernando Gómez Hernanz covering the work of four decades. Through a series of reproductions.

Artistic project “Le Jardin Circonflexe”

1 MAY 2023 – 31 AUGUST 2023

Xavier Vilató presents Le Jardin Circonflexe, a multidisciplinary artistic project that was born in 2013 and has grown to this day. The works can be seen among the vegetation of the garden.

Semi-permanent exhibition “Creators”

16 NOVEMBER 2023 – 3 DECEMBER 2023

Creadoras sheds light on aesthetic and conceptual conversations between female references in the artistic universe. Free of a chronological story.

Exhibition “Kandinsky, Chagall and Poliakoff. Vanguard Pages in XXe Siècle magazine”

19 APRIL 2023 – 1 NOVEMBER 2023

The exhibition Kandinsky, Chagall and Poliakoff. Avant-garde pages: in the magazine XXe Siècle it presents fifty pieces from the famous publication.

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