Tapas & Wine Tour Malaga Spain

A Malaga Tapas & Wine Tour is a great way to experience local cuisine and wines as you explore the city. On such a tour, you’ll have the chance to sample several traditional tapas, each accompanied by a matching local wine. Here’s an example of what such a tour might look like:

Meeting point and introduction

Meet your guide and fellow travelers at a prearranged location in Málaga’s city center. You will get a brief introduction to Málaga’s rich culinary history and the famous Spanish tapas culture.

First stop – Typical Bodega Malaga

You will visit a traditional Bodega, a local winery, where you can enjoy a glass of delicious local wine, such as the famous Málaga sweet wine. The guide will inform you about the different wines in the region and help you choose the perfect wine for your taste.

Second stop – Tapasbar Malaga

Next, head to a cozy tapas bar, where you can sample a range of delicious tapas. The tapas can include classics such as patatas bravas, albondigas (meatballs), calamari a la romana (fried squid) and much more. Each dish is served with a well-matched local wine.

Third stop – Gourmet Tapas Malaga

The next stop is a more gourmet tapas bar, where you can enjoy refined tapas with a modern twist. The dishes are often creative and prepared with fresh, local ingredients. The guide will explain about the unique flavors and preparation methods of these dishes.

Fourth stop – Tapa and Sherry Malaga

You will visit a bar where you can enjoy a delicious tapa that goes perfectly with a local Sherry. Sherry is a famous wine from the Andalusia region and comes in different varieties, from dry to sweet. You will learn about the different types of sherry and how they are made.

Last stop – Dessert and Liqueur Malaga

The tour ends with a delicious dessert and a local liqueur, such as anís or pacharán. This is a perfect end to the culinary journey of discovery through Málaga.

Throughout the tour, your guide will provide you with interesting information about Málaga’s dishes, wines, and culinary culture. In addition, you’ll have the chance to learn about the city’s history and landmarks as you stroll the charming streets of the Old Town.

Please note that the specific tapas bars and wines offered during the tour may vary depending on availability and season. It is also advisable to book in advance, especially during busy periods, to be sure of a spot on the tapas and wine tour in Málaga. Enjoy your culinary adventure and discover the flavors of this beautiful Spanish city!

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