The Best Terraces in Malaga Spain that you should definitely visit

An overview of the nicest terraces in Malaga. Because the weather in Malaga is wonderful 12 months a year, you can enjoy delicious sangria and tapas on a terrace almost 365 days a year. It is up to you where you sit on the terrace. There is plenty of choice.

Beach terraces Malaga

These terraces are usually located on the coastline and offer beautiful sea views. They can specialise in fresh seafood, paella, seafood and refreshing cocktails.

MalagaSpainNLMalaga 2020 173
MalagaSpainNLMalaga 2020 173

Terraces in the historic centre of Malaga

These terraces are located in the charming old streets of Malaga and often offer traditional Andalusian dishes such as tapas, gazpacho, Iberian ham, and local wines.

Rooftop terraces in Malaga

These terraces are usually found on the upper floors of hotels or buildings and offer spectacular views of the city. They can offer a varied menu ranging from international dishes to local specialities.

Terraces in parks of Malaga

Some parks in Malaga have cafes and restaurants with terraces, where you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and green surroundings. They often serve light meals, salads and drinks.

It’s always a good idea to research online ahead of time or check out the menus on site to see what specialties each terrace offers at the time. Malaga is known for its rich culinary offerings, so you’re bound to find plenty of delicious options to enjoy during your visit to the city!

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