Malaga City Walking Tour 6 Routes

A Malaga City Walk is the perfect way to get to know Malaga better. Malaga is a beautiful city with a rich history and many sights. We have six great city walks you can take and the sights you can explore along each route:

Route 1: The historic centre of Malaga

1. Places of interest:

– Malaga Cathedral (La Manquita): An impressive Renaissance cathedral with Baroque elements.
– Alcazaba: A Moorish fortress and palace with beautiful gardens and views over the city.
– Roman Theatre: A well-preserved Roman amphitheatre from the 1st century BC.
– Plaza de la Merced: A lively square with a statue of Pablo Picasso, the famous painter who was born in Malaga.

Route 2: Culture of Malaga

1. Places of interest:

– Picasso Museum: Dedicated to the life and work of Pablo Picasso, with an extensive collection of his artworks.
– Centre Pompidou Malaga: A branch of the famous Centre Pompidou in Paris, with modern art exhibitions.
– Carmen Thyssen Museum: Here you will find a collection of Andalusian art from the 19th and 20th centuries.
– Teatro Cervantes: A beautiful theater where you can enjoy plays and concerts.

Route 3: The port and beaches

1. Places of interest:

– Muelle Uno: A modern promenade on the harbor with shops, restaurants and views of the yachts.
– Malagueta Beach: A popular city beach with beach bars (chiringuitos) and lively atmosphere.
– Palmeral de las Sorpresas: A pleasant promenade along the harbor with palm trees and fountains.
– Farola de Málaga: Malaga lighthouse, which offers spectacular views over the coastline.

Route 4: Parks and nature of Malaga

1. Places of interest:

– Parque de Málaga: A green park with fountains, statues and a beautiful pond.
– Park of the Paseo del Parque: A shady promenade with many tropical plants.
– Gibralfaro Hill: A steep climb to Gibralfaro Castle, but rewarded with a beautiful panorama.
– La Concepción Botanical Garden: A botanical garden with a wide range of plants and flowers.

Route 5: Modern Malaga

1. Places of interest:

– Atarazanas Market: A lively indoor market where you can buy local products.
– Soho District: A trendy neighborhood filled with street art and boutiques.
– Centre for Contemporary Art (CAC): A museum dedicated to modern art and temporary exhibitions.
– Tabacalera Building: A former tobacco factory converted into a cultural center.

Each route offers a unique view of the city and its various attractions. Don’t forget to put on comfortable walking shoes and enjoy beautiful Malaga!

Do you have more time to spend? During the route below you will see a lot of Malaga.

Route 6: Historic Malaga

Duration: About 3-4 hours (depending on the pace and how long you want to stay at each attraction).


  1. Malaga Cathedral (La Manquita): Start your walk at the imposing Malaga Cathedral. Admire the mix of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, and take time to explore the interior. You can also climb the clock tower for a beautiful view of the city.
  2. Alcazaba: Continue walking to the Moorish fortress Alcazaba, which towers over the city. This magnificent fortress and palace dates back to the 11th century and offers a fascinating insight into Malaga’s Moorish history. The gardens are also a nice place to relax and enjoy the views.
  3. Roman Theatre: Near the Alcazaba you will find the well-preserved Roman theatre from the 1st century BC. It is one of the oldest monuments of Malaga and an impressive reminder of the city’s Roman past.
  4. Picasso’s Birthplace: Continue walking to Plaza de la Merced, where you can see the birthplace of famous artist Pablo Picasso. There is a statue of Picasso on the square and there are several bars and cafes where you can take a break.
  5. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC): End your walking tour at the Center for Contemporary Art, where you can view modern art exhibitions by both national and international artists.

Optionally, you can also take a walk along the port of Malaga (Muelle Uno), enjoy the beaches such as Malagueta Beach, or take a walk through the city park (Parque de Málaga) if you have more time.

Don’t forget to put on comfortable shoes, bring plenty of water and enjoy the beautiful sights and atmosphere of Malaga!

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